General Information

The Coordination of Continuous Education of the Forestry Sciences Faculty of UJED has the objective of planning, organizing, assessing and promoting courses, workshops, and trainings for professionals, educators and the general public who ask for training and updating services which allow them to solve, in an important way, the productivity and competitiveness problems that these days people face, by receiving a first level educative service.

We offer continuous education activities, in and out the Faculty facilities like:
  • Courses, workshops and seminars in forestry and environmental matters
  • Courses for titration support
  • Courses made up for government agencies
  • Courses made up for private and public educational institutions


Arnulfo Meléndez Soto, M.Sc.
Coordinator of Continuous Education

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For those who are processing Title or Professional Certificate

Institution code: 100001

Careers code:

Forestry Sciences Engineering: 305303

Environmental Management Engineering: 121395