Mexican Educational System

Next, a chart that shows information about the Mexican Educational System is shown; it is founded on the 3rd Constitutional Article, and taken from the Educational System of the Mexican United States.

General scheme of the National Educational System

Schooled Educational System

Tipo educativo Level Years Competences
Basic Education Preschool 3 Some knowledge is imparted and the development of habits is promoted.
Elementary 6 Pupils are initiated in the scientific knowledge and in the social disciplines.
Secondary 3

Scientific knowledge is widened and reaffirmed through observation, investigation and practice.

High School Education Professional Technician 3

Instructed in industrial and service activities, and also for them to continue with higher education studies; that is why this education is both terminal and Propaedeutic, and it aims that the student can incorporate into the labour market.

Baccalaureate 3

Propaedeutic educational level, when it is concluded, students receive a certificate as baccalaureates which accredits their preparation to continue with higher education studies. Its objective is to offer a formative and integral education, which includes the acquisition of scientific, technical and human knowledge, with several research methodologies and master of language. It is subdivided into general and technological baccalaureate.

Higher Education Superior Technician 2 to 3 The student is trained for exercising a profession, by issuing a diploma.
Bachelor’s degree 4 to 5 The student is trained for exercising a profession, by issuing a diploma.
Postgraduate 1 to 4 Training of professionals with a high specialization in different knowledge areas.
Source: Sistema Educativo de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos

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