Entry Profile

Applicants to enter de Forestry Sciences Engineering Study Programme of UJED must have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that allows them to understand the basic foundations of forestry sciences, and to go through without any problems during their professional training in the educative programme.


  • Elementary algebra and trigonometric functions.
  • Physics, Matter states, units conversion and scientific notation.
  • Chemistry, elements and periodic table of elements and nomenclature.
  • Biology, structures and cellular functions and identification of biological realms.
  • Word processor and spreadsheet usage.


  • Solves fundamental equations with one and two variables.
  • Identifies matter states
  • Recognizes multiples and submultiples of the International Measure System.
  • Expresses quantities in scientific notation.
  • Names chemical compounds and recognizes the different elements of the periodic table.
  • Recognizes the structure and cellular functions.
  • Identifies biological realms.
  • Writes papers and makes basic operations using a computer.


  • Life learning by initiative and self interest.
  • Participation and effective collaboration in diverse teams.
  • Participation in the community, region, Mexico and in the world with a civic and ethical awareness.
  • Keeps a respectful attitude towards intercultural and diverse believes values, ideas and social practices.
  • Contributes to sustainable development in a critical way, with responsible actions.


  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment

Social networks


For those who are processing Title or Professional Certificate

Institution code: 100001

Careers code:

Forestry Sciences Engineering: 305303

Environmental Management Engineering: 121395