Social Service

The Social Service is a temporary and mandatory activity, and it is a requirement for doing the Professional Residence, that the students of the Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango (UJED) institutionally perform and provide in benefit of society and which purpose is contributing to the social and professional training of the students, in order for them to know and face the cultural and economic reality of their community, creating in the provider a sense of solidarity and commitment to society.


  • Promoting in the provider the development of a sense of solidarity and commitment with the society she/he belongs to.
  • Contributing to the academic and professional training of the provider of the social service.
  • Reaffirm the professional and personal training of the students in benefit of society.
  • Grant prestige to the FSF

General considerations of the social service

  • It belongs to the Terminal Training Area of the SP.
  • It grants 10 credits the total credits of the SP.
  • It is done in two stages, the University Social Service and the Undergraduate Social Service
  • It is mandatory.
  • It is subject to cancelation.

Social Service Coordinator

Dora Isela Espino Vázquez 
Timetable 11:00 a 13:30 h
Cell phone: +52 (618) 130 11 58 Ext. 107

Social networks


For those who are processing Title or Professional Certificate

Institution code: 100001

Careers code:

Forestry Sciences Engineering: 305303

Environmental Management Engineering: 121395