Entry profile

Applicants to enter this Study Programme must have the following characteristics that would be determined by an on-purpose test and personal interviews:

  • Having coursed a baccalaureate in the chemical-biological or physic-mathematic areas.
  • Interest for scences and technology.
  • Interest for the interactions oft he human being and the environment.
  • Broad vocation for community service.
  • Attitud and vocation aimed to the study of nature.
  • Vocation and interest for developing outdoors activities.
  • Motivation for studying the natural resourcs and thier ecosystems.
  • Capability for solving problems relatedto basicc sciences.
  • Critical capability and wish for actively participating in his learning process.
  • Capability for acquiring new knowledge and the skills for applying it in real life situations.
  • Good health and resistance for working in natural environments.
  • Ease of adaptation and tolerance to different cultural environments in order to actively participate.
  • Capability and tolerance for team work.
  • Approving the CENEVAL and knowledge exams.

Social networks


For those who are processing Title or Professional Certificate

Institution code: 100001

Careers code:

Forestry Sciences Engineering: 305303

Environmental Management Engineering: 121395