Objectives of the learning programme

The programme, all along the educative trajectory, has the purpose of training professionals with the knowledge, skills and abilities, with a high level for performing activities in their knowledge field, such as planning, organizing, directing and executing actions which allow to preserve and improve the environment, as well as to control and correct the impacts caused by human activities.

  • Managing, auditing, exercising functions that increase the quality of the environmental services aligned to the technical, ethic, and scientific knowledge of the profession.
  • Provide counselling and strategic assessing services to enterprises and institutions regarding environmental impact based on ethic and sustainability criterion.
  • Proposing solutions regarding treatment of industrial waste and environmental, water, air and soil contamination using scientific and professional knowledge.
  • Managing natural spaces and their use, assessing environmental risk and supported by advanced technologies with ethic and professional criterion.

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For those who are processing Title or Professional Certificate

Institution code: 100001

Careers code:

Forestry Sciences Engineering: 305303

Environmental Management Engineering: 121395